Whale Watching Tour

Take part in a Whale Watching Tour while at our lodge.

Knight Inlet Lodge is one of a very few locations in the world where you can combine whale watching and grizzly bears tours while staying at one remote lodge. From May to mid-October, as part of our wildlife and photography adventure packages, we offer daily marine wildlife watching tours to world renowned Johnstone Strait.

Beginning in mid-July, the focal point of our marine tours is a visit to the boundaries of the Robson Bight Marine Orca Whale Sanctuary to view the Orca's. This area is frequented by 16 different pods of killer whales and rated as one of the world's best spots to observe and photograph these magnificent whales.

Our whale watching tours are often rewarded by close (200 meters) encounters with these intelligent creatures, as well as with porpoises, playful white-sided dolphins, sea lions, seals, and occasionally, humpback or minke whales.Please note that guests must chose a KILGB 4 package or greater to participate in our marine wildlife / orca whale watching tours.

More Marine Tours to Enjoy

In addition to our regular bear and whale watching tours, you can enjoy a wide variety of other trips and tours while staying at the Lodge. A couple of popular options are described below.

Inlet Tour a Favourite

The chance to explore the beauty of Knight Inlet is something all of our guests get to experience. For more information on this tour please take a minute to read our Inlet Cruise Page

Explore Glendale Cove by Kayak

Glendale Cove is not only the place to see grizzly bears. The cove is also home to our lodge and a beautiful, scenic location to kayak. For more information on kayaking while staying at Knight Inlet Lodge please click here