November 2010

November 2010

Paws for Thought

2011 Reservations
We began taking reservations for 2011 at the beginning of August. For anyone interested in coming during the peak fall season (August 25 – October 12) it is recommended that you plan on booking ASAP as this season fills quickly.

For a short video about bear viewing at Knight Inlet Lodge click here. This video was taken by Martin Biddle who returned for a third visit this fall. Thank you for sharing this with us Martin.


Photo Credit - Colin Wood

Glendale Cove was the scene of someexcellent bear viewing this year including a pair of mom's with year old triplets. One of the sets of triplets is our very well known "white cub" that was featured on the NBC Today Show last October. To see this video click here. Lenore and her cub "Peanut" also returned to the delight of the staff and guests. Overall 2010 was a very good grizzly bear season with numerous moms and cubs, sub adults and one very large male visiting us during the year.


If you haven't already, check out our blog, this link will take you to a great story by one of guides. Thank you to Moira for contributing this story.

Attention all 2010 guests as well as guest from previous years.

Photo Credit -Yvonne Jansen

If you have a story on your stay that you would like to share in the form of a blog just send it to and he'll post it online for you. Pictures or videos are definitely welcome as well!


We have a camera in our lost and found from August of this year. If you are missing a camera, or know someone who is, please email with the make and model of your camera.

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Photo Contest

We recently received an emergency email from a 2009 guest who had lost his Knight Inlet Lodge ball cap and urgently required a replacement. When asked to describe which cap he wanted John went one better and emailed us a picture of him and the cap overlooking Jericho and the Dead Sea. The new cap is now safely in his hands at home in the United Kingdom but his photo gave us an idea.

We are pleased to announce the first ever Knight Inlet Lodge unique photo contest. What we are looking for is photos of guests wearing any type of Knight Inlet Lodge clothing, ball caps included, in unusual or famous locations. To be eligible the photo must clearly show the Knight Inlet apparel and be accompanied by a short explanation on location etc. You also must be willing to have your photo and name published in a future newsletter or blog. The payoff is the winner will not only become famous beyond their wildest dreams (okay maybe not) but they will receive a $500 gift certificate towards another visit to Knight Inlet Lodge. Thedeadline for entries is January 15, 2011.

To enter, please email your photo and description to

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Venture to Knight Inlet – May 2010

From the morning of May 15, 2010, when our group of Vital Ground Foundation supporters arrived atKnight Inlet Lodge, until the morning of the 21st, when everyone departed, the wildlife never ceased to be around … whether watching black bears from the lodge itself, to viewing grizzlies, orcas, harbor seals, and eagles by foot, skiff, canoe, or kayak.

Located at the southern edge of the Great Bear Rainforest, Knight Inlet has frequent storms and showers that not only grow giant trees but also feed a profusion of lakes, streams, and cascading rivers. When you're strolling through a forest of tall cedars and hemlocks, watching ten-inch-long banana slugs crawl among ferns and carpets of velvet moss, you know the amount of annual precipitation in such a setting must be measured in feet, not inches.

During our daily jaunts (custom fit to each guest's preferences!), we explored the rainforest itself, waterfalls, and pictographs left by earlier generations of the region's native Kwakwaka'wawk (formerly Kwakiutl) tribe. Not that all the activities didn't leave time for relaxing in the form of picnicking on sandy shores, beachcombing, and taking in the evening presentations on natural history adventures by the Knight Inlet Lodge guides.

But this much is for sure whenever you visit Knight Inlet and Knight Inlet Lodge: the wildlife will be equally spectacular, the accommodations just as comfortable, the staff every bit as friendly, and opportunities to nourish the spirit almost unlimited.

Oh, did I mention the food? The best way to describe it is "Rustic Gourmet." You'll come to Knight Inlet to view the wildlife, but you'll stay for the eats and treats.

I'm certainly looking forward to my next trip to Knight Inlet Lodge in 2011 during Vital Ground's 10th Annual Wild Bear Adventure!

Kiffin Hope is Development Program Manager for The Vital Ground Foundation, a land trust dedicated to protecting habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife in the U.S. and Canada Rockies. Visit

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Aubrey's Visit

Knight Inlet Lodge had the pleasure of hostingAubrey Njobvu of Norman Carr Safaris for the last 2 weeks of July. Aubrey, one of Norman Carr's senior guides, was here on a guide exchange program the 2 companies operate with Knight Inlet Lodge guide Robert Scriba having gone to Zambia in the spring.

The chance to show Aubrey our part of the world was made all the more enjoyable by Aubrey's infectious good humour and positive nature. During his time with us he not only got to stay / work at Knight Inlet Lodge but travel thru the Rocky Mountains with Robert and his wife Fay. The entire staff of Knight Inlet enjoyed showing Aubrey how we do things and seeing our world thru his eyes. We look forward to continuing the exchange program in the near future.

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Deans Rant

A tremendously successful 2010 season has drawn to a close at Knight Inlet Lodge. Kathy and I would like to thank all the people that chose to visit our lodge this year. Your energy and enthusiasm is what makes our lodge a special place. We would also like to thank all the staff whose hard work and dedication kept the lodge running smoothly. I believe that the staff this year, both returning and new, was one of the best groups we have ever had.

The fall of 2010 saw one of the worst pink and chum salmon returns on record. We are happy to say the bears look to be in good health and appear ready for winter. Thankfully the salmon returns are expected to be much better in 2011 but be assured that we will be monitoring the situation closely.

On the environmental front we continue to work on the "stop the hunt" campaign. As we continue this battle we will be looking for your support at some point in the New Year. Please be ready to help as we cannot "stop the hunt" without your assistance.

Again thank you to everyone for a fantastic 2010 season!