March 2010

March 2010

Paws for Thought

NBC Today Show
Knight Inlet Lodge was privileged to host Lester Holt and crew from the NBC Today show in October of 2009. The 4 minute video of their visit aired during NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics on Monday, February 15.

Calling all future guests
As some of you may be aware Knight Inlet Lodge has a blog page that features not only news on the lodge but stories and pictures from past guests. We are always looking for contributions so if you are interested in being a published author please keep it in mind during your visit in 2010. For any past guests that would like to contribute a story it is never too late. Simply contact with your story and pictures.

New for 2010
Knight Inlet Lodge is pleased to announce we will be resuming our jet boat tours of the Klinaklini River during the 2010 season. This very popular tour has not been offered for the past couple of years but will again be an option for all guests staying on a KILGB5 or longer package. This fascinating journey into a unique eco-system at the head of Knight Inlet is sure to be a hit once again.

Visiting our lodge in 2010 or 2011?
As many guests will attest it can be a challenge finding space at our lodge if you wait too long to book. While the fall of 2010 is almost sold out there are some dates still open and there will be the inevitable odd cancellation so keep an eye on our availability. We do have many outstanding dates left over the summer months for those of you that wish to come earlier in the year. Now is the time to book!

Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)
The British Columbia Provincial Government has chosen to implement a Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) to replace the Goods and Services tax (GST). This will take effect July 1, 2010 for all bookings starting on or after that date. This 12 % tax will be eligible for the 50% foreign visitor rebate as the GST was in the past. Knight Inlet Lodge will continue its practice of rebating the tax on our end so your actual tax rate will be 6% for all packages from July 1 up from the previous tax rate of 2.5%.

Knight Inlet Lodge has been in contact with the Government for a ruling on the implementation of the tax. Our understanding is that anyone choosing to pay in fullprior to May 1, 2010 for a package starting on or after July 1 will be taxed at the old rate of 2.5%. We encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity but we will need to know by no later than March 22 to allow for invoicing and payment prior to May 1.

2011 season
If your are thinking about visiting Knight Inlet Lodge in 2011 you can send us an email at asking us to let you know when we are ready to start accepting reservations. This is an excellent way for those of you looking to book fall dates to stay informed. At this time we anticipate starting 2011 reservations in early August. Please note that our rates will be increasing by 3 % for the 2011 season. This will be our first rate increase in 4 seasons.

Wilderness Tourism Association
Be Wild in BC, the magazine of the BC Wilderness Tourism Association, is now fully digital. On the website,, are articles on destinations and activities, issues affecting B.C.'s wildlife and wilderness, and suggestions for how you can get involved and reduce your impact. There's also a handy search feature for finding great destinations that share our dedication to B.C.'s wild places. For updates and more news on wilderness travel in the province check out's blog at

Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia
Knight Inlet Lodge is proud to a founding member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia. The CBVA is active in the training of certified bear viewing guides and the setting of industry standards for low impact viewing. The ongoing fight to stop the trophy hunting of grizzly bears is high on the association’s agenda in 2010. The CBVA strongly believes that is not an acceptable practice to kill bears for a trophy.

Stop the hunt petition

There are less than 10,000 Grizzly Bears left in British Columbia, they have been extirpated from most of Canada. Each year 400 of the strongest males are shot for trophies. This must simply stop.

So imagine making a difference, this was the inspiration that lead conservation photographer Andy Wright to conceive and promote the "Faltering Light" visual petition. It is a glossy high quality coffee table book of four chapters: an open letter to the BC government requesting that trophy hunting of bears is stopped, essays from leading environmentalists and 21st century conservation thought leaders, spectacular sepia grizzly, black and spirit bear photographs and YOUR SIGNATURES supporting the termination of the trophy hunt. Copies of the book will be delivered to Premier Gordon Campbell and Environment Minister Barry Penner before the trophy hunt resumes in April 2010. Copies of the book will also be presented to British Columbian libraries and the Vancouver archive at city hall as a permanent record of every signing individuals historic contribution.

So help us make history, record your name for posterity and join Andy Wright and founding supporters Simon Jackson (of the Spirit bear youth ) and Ian McAllister (of Pacific Wild) to make this visual petition a significant creation that changes history and saves the magnificent bears of British Columbia.

Please visit and please tell your friends for our goals are at least 10,000 signatures.

Sign the petition here.

Norman Carr Safaris and Knight Inlet Lodge

Norman Carr Safaris, Zambia’s original walking safari company and Knight Inlet Lodge are pleased to announce a unique guide exchange program. Robert Scriba, Knight Inlet Lodge guide and professional photographer will be going to Zambia in April of this year to visit and work with the staff at Norman Carr. When Robert returns Aubrey Njobvu will be returning with him.

Aubrey is a Grade One guide (top level) and has run safaris all over Zambia and Malawi. He is the Manager of the Kakuli Camp as well as one of the senior members of the Norman Carr team. Aubrey’s knowledge of wildlife, especially snakes, is outstanding and along with his quiet wit makes him one of the most requested guides at Norman Carr.

Robert Scriba, one of the senior guides at Knight Inlet Lodge, was recently seen guiding Lester Holt of the NBC Today Show in a segment that aired during the Winter Olympics. Robert’s love of the outdoors and varied background gives him a unique perspective on Knight Inlet Lodge and the grizzly bears of Glendale Cove.

Deans Rant

My family and I had the pleasure of traveling to Zambia and spending 10 days at Norman Carr Safaris. Our visit came about as a result of Nick and Carole Aslin, then owners of Norman Carr Safaris, vacationing at Knight Inlet Lodge in 2003. Nick and Carole’s visit stemmed from a glowing recommendation by one of their guests in Zambia that had previously visited Knight Inlet Lodge. For anyone interested in exploring the real Africa a walking safari with Norman Carr is a spectacular way to do so. Their guides are well trained, the food is incredible and the overall experience is everything you could ask for in an African adventure. This trip is one that my family will remember forever and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone that wants to visit Africa. As a result of our mutual visits we started the guide exchange program in 2005 that continues to this day. I firmly believe that the ability to show people different parts of the world and also alternate styles of guiding is well worth the effort involved.

You will find an article about the "stop the Hunt" petition elsewhere in this newsletter. I urge everyone to take a minute and sign the petition. It is imperative that the Government of British Columbia hears from you, without your help we will never get this hunt stopped. Despite occupying the ethical, moral and economic high ground the Government of British Columbia continues to ignore our voice on this issue choosing instead to heed the words of their "old boy’s network" in the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C. Please let our Premier hear your and also the Minister of the as your opinion does count.

Finally in closing I would like to say I hope you enjoyed the spectacular Winter Olympics that just wrapped up in Vancouver and Whistler. I know I certainly did, especially after our men’s hockey team brought home the gold on Sunday!