December 2008

December 2008

Knight Inlet Lodge Hatchery
Knight Inlet Lodge’s Coho Salmon hatchery is just one example of how the lodge gives back to our environment. The small but successful program involves the raising of Coho at the lodge with an eventual release of Salmon Fry into the Glendale River.

Our modest program, 1345 fry released in 2008, was the result of catching a pair of adult salmon from the Glendale River.

By raising the salmon in tanks at the lodge we hope to increase the survivability of the fry to 90 – 95% compared to 40% in the wild. For 2008 we are aiming to catch and use 2 pair of Coho which will give us approximately 6000 eggs to raise for 2009. Ultimately we expect no more than 3% of the Coho to survive and return to the Glendale River to spawn.

For our guests, the opportunity to experience some of the cycle of life on the Glendale River is an added bonus on top of the great bear viewing.


Salmon Stocks and Sea Lice
2008 has seen the lowest return ever of Pink Salmon to the Glendale River. The resulting stress to the Glendale Estuary Eco System should be of great concern to all of us.

While the Grizzly Bears seem to be holding up remarkably well, both in health and numbers, the situation cannot continue. The theories as to what has happened are many and varied but one fact stands out above all others. The ongoing problem of sea lice caused by salmon farms along the migration route of young Pink and Chum Salmon desperately needs to be dealt with.

Despite mounting evidence of the damage they are doing to the wild salmon stocks, the British Columbia Government seems unwilling to act against the fish farm companies. Knight Inlet Lodge is asking everyone to contact the 2 Ministers responsible directly and ask them why they are not doing more to help our wild salmon.

Please take a minute to contact the following: 
Barry Penner, Minister of the Environment: 
Stan Hagen, Minister of Agriculture & Lands:

Knight Inlet Lodge is asking everyone to take a minute to go to , once there follow the link to “the migration” page. 
This clever idea is one that we support and encourage everyone who cares about our wild salmon to take part in.


Stop The Hunt
In 1999, 68 professional Biologists submitted a strongly worded petition to the British Columbia Government calling for a moratorium on all Grizzly Bear hunting pending a comprehensive population study in all 6 bioregions. The reality is that a scientifically credible, province-wide census of grizzlies has yet to take place in British Columbia.

As one of the planet’s premier places to view wild grizzlies in their natural habitat, Knight Inlet Lodge is committed to stopping the trophy hunt of these special animals.

As a founding member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia, we have proven that beyond the important ethical arguments against trophy hunting, grizzly bears are worth more to the province alive in the forest than as a hunters prize.

By purchasing one of our “Stop The Hunt” wrist bands you will be contributing directly to saving the grizzly bears of Glendale Cove, Knight Inlet. 100% of funds raised go to purchasing the grizzly bear hunting rights for Glendale Cove. By purchasing this “tag” from the Guide Outfitter that holds hunting rights we prevent our bears from being hunted. To date “Stop The Hunt” has saved the lives of
3 grizzly bears.